The Women Empowerment Program (WEP) was a dynamic one which launched its maiden event on Saturday, 13th January, 2024 with a workshop on Liquid Soap Making. The program was aimed at equipping women with a practical skill for personal use and entrepreneurship purposes. As a gesture of appreciation, each participant received 500ml of liquid soap, and the NGO presented 10 liters of liquid soap to the church for availing us the opportunity to impact this knowledge on their women.
The WEP is designed for Economic Empowerment; to provide resources and training to enhance economic opportunities for women, Skill Development; to foster a culture of continuous learning by offering a skill development workshop, and Community Well-being; to improve overall community well-being through health and social initiatives.
The target audience for this program were the women of  Covenant Baptist Church, Kubwa Abuja. This area was targeted as a start point for the maiden edition of the program. Through this program, a number of women who are aspiring entrepreneurs, now have skills and knowledge needed to launch a successful business. This skill can also be used for personal use.
At the end of a successful program, an online community was formed for further mentorship, sourcing of materials and guidance. Looking ahead, we aim to expand the Women’s Empowerment Program to reach a wider audience and to launch a mentorship program to connect experienced professionals with aspiring individuals.
How to Get Involved
We invite community members, businesses, and organizations to join us in making a difference. Opportunities to get involved include our Volunteer Programs, Donation Options, and Collaboration Opportunities.
In conclusion, Stage Foundation has made significant strides towards community empowerment. We hope to continue in this path to bring hope and a smile to every face. We express our sincere appreciation to all stakeholders for their support, and we are committed to fostering positive change in the community.