TSEMF presents Stage Foundation Advocacy Program (SFA 2024)


Trueneed Stage Empowerment Foundation is thrilled to announce her upcoming Stage Foundation Advocacy Program 2024 (SFA 2024). The SFA 2024 Program seeks to address the unique challenges that women face daily, fostering an environment that nurtures their growth and resilience. This initiative will encompass a series of workshops, mentorship programs, and community outreach efforts designed to create a supportive network for women to thrive and succeed.

Objectives of the Program

The program’s primary objectives include:

  • Sensitization on matters that affect women.
  • Enhancing women’s access to quality healthcare services.
  • Facilitating educational opportunities to empower women with knowledge and skills.
  • Promoting social inclusion through community engagement and awareness initiatives.

By strategically addressing these key areas, we aim to create an environment where women can thrive and contribute meaningfully to society.


Date and Venue: The Stage Foundation Advocacy Program is scheduled to take place on Thursday, 4th April, 2024 at Chida International Hotel.


The SFA 2024 program promises an enriching experience, meticulously curated with an extensive array of sessions and panel discussions focusing on pivotal aspects of women’s health, political engagement, entrepreneurship, and the dynamic corporate landscape.

Embarking on a journey of enlightenment and empowerment, participants will be treated to an unparalleled selection of sessions led by eminent figures and luminaries hailing from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, each possessing a wealth of experience and expertise in their respective fields.

The program also entails an award presentation session to poignant catalysts of change in diverse backgrounds and those who put in effort to improving lives.



At Stage Foundation, we believe that empowering women is a catalyst for community development. Through this advocacy program, we aim to enlighten as well as empower women on different aspects of their world and continue to create positive impact in our communities.