In alignment with the spirit of International Youth Day, which this year revolves around the theme of “Green Skills for Youths towards a Sustainable world”

Trueneed Stage Empowerment Foundation (TSEMF) proudly orchestrated an insightful and impactful programme. This programme served as a rallying point for various foundations and organizations dedicated to fostering the growth of green skills among the youth. With a shared vision of empowering young minds and cultivating their potential to drive sustainability, the event marked a significant stride toward a greener, more harmonious world. The likes of Girls get Equal, EGUNEC Foundation, National Youth Council of Nigeria, LEAP Africa, Plan International Nigeria, Women Initiative for Sustainable Environment, Ambassador Leadership Programme and YALI had representatives present for this event.


The programme was a dynamic platform that brought together NGOs, community leaders, educators, and aspiring young individuals under one roof. It was a melting pot of ideas, experiences, and innovations, all centered around equipping the youth with the necessary green skills to navigate the challenges of our evolving world. The event encompassed a range of engaging activities:

Panel Discussions: Eminent experts and thought leaders from diverse fields came together to discuss the importance of green skills in building a sustainable future. These discussions not only highlighted the urgency of addressing environmental concerns but also underscored the immense potential of the youth in driving positive change.

Collaborative Initiatives: The event facilitated networking and collaboration among NGOs and foundations sharing a common goal.

Youth Engagement Activities: Fun and enlightening exercises were done to move and connect with the young.

• Plenary Session: Participants were divided into three groups, each assigned to a specific case study. This session aimed to harness the collective intelligence and creativity of participants to generate actionable solutions for the challenges faced by today’s youth.

Key Takeaways

The event underscored the role of green skills as a catalyst for sustainable development. It reinforced the notion that equipping the youth with these skills not only benefits the environment but also empowers them to become leaders of change in their communities. The event’s success was reflected in the enthusiasm and passion of the participants who left with a deeper understanding of their role in shaping a better future.